Aesthetic medicine

Our minimally invasive, aesthetic treatments are designed to make subtle improvements while gently emphasising personal assets and promoting a positive body image. Our holistic approach focuses on long-lasting youth from the inside and outside: this is how tomorrow's anti-ageing works.

Emsculpt neo

For enhanced well-being, strength, endurance, and a sculpted body image, IVme embraces a revolutionary, non-invasive technology that is unique worldwide: With the help of EMSCULPT Neo, muscles can be specifically built up as well as fat reduced. Electromagnetic contractions stimulate the muscles during the application, leading to results that cannot be achieved through conventional training methods.

The use of radio frequency heats up the skin layers and thus additionally supports the effect of fat burning and muscle building. The treatment is painless, but much more intensive and effective than regular sports treatments. The treatment allows you to improve your physical fitness and define your body image while lying comfortably - without any side effects such as sore muscles. 

The following regions can be trained: abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs, calves, face.

For optimal treatment success, we recommend conducting six sessions on a weekly basis. After three months, additional cycles or sessions can be initiated as needed.

Our package includes 6 sessions for EUR 2.400,00


Treatment with Omnilux masks enables structural improvements to the skin's appearance with the help of highly effective LED technology and is considered one of the most modern non-invasive anti-ageing procedures. Light rays are absorbed by the cells and trigger a series of chemical reactions, such as stimulation of collagen production, which improve the quality of our skin. 

The application can alleviate skin problems such as pigmentation spots, inflammation or redness and counteract signs of ageing. The result: firmer, more youthful skin that glows.

Omnilux therapy is based on the latest studies, is suitable for all skin types and contains no harmful UV rays. No heat is generated during the sessions that could cause thermal damage.

We recommend a 6-week cure with one daily session of 9 minutes each. You should then take a break before starting a new cycle. There is no downtime.

Cost: 9 minutes EUR 12.00

Omnilux is also ideal as a combination therapy with our customised infusions.




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