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IVme is pioneering a new trend in preventive medicine in Vienna with its valuable vitamin infusions. Whether you need vitamin C to boost your immune system or a B complex to enhance your mental performance, our intravenous treatments are the ultimate solution for your overall health and well-being. Depending on your specific health goals, we offer carefully selected cocktails or tailor-made infusions. In close collaboration with pharmacists, IVme ensures the use of the highest-quality ingredients and mixtures. Each treatment is overseen by doctors and administered by professionally trained medical staff. Customized therapies and thorough discussions of your health assessment findings are fundamental aspects of our approach at IVme.

it's never too late for a healthy lifestyle

Many complaints, such as muscle or headaches, poor performance but also long covid symptoms, can be addressed effectively with high-dose nutrients. Modern prevention has become an integral part of a conscious lifestyle at IVme: As part of this approach, we exclusively offer high-performance NAD+ infusions in collaboration with the international NAD+ clinic making us the only contact point in Vienna. 

Holistic well-being in the foreground

Booking an appointment with IVme does not only mean doing something good for your body – it goes far beyond that. From the initial consultation to the finely tailored infusion, well-being, trust, and performance are central to our medical services. IVme dedicates the necessary time and attention to its patients in order to explain modes of action precisely and to share knowledge about prevention. 



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New at IVme: EMsculpt

For enhanced well-being, strength, endurance, and a sculpted body image, IVme embraces a revolutionary, non-invasive technology that is unique worldwide: With the help of EMSCULPT Neo, muscles can be specifically built up as well as fat reduced. Sounds interesting?