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IVme offers comprehensive medical counseling services to enhance health and well-being. Together with Dr. Skudnigg, we can create a tailored treatment plan based on DNA screening, micronutrient analysis, blood tests and other diagnostic measures to achieve your personal health goals.


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What is healthy? What is not? A conscious lifestyle requires knowledge, specifically about balanced nutrition, health-promoting measures, and finding the right balance. Conscious living is a purposeful decision. Dr. Skudnigg clarifies the usefulness of modern wellness philosophies, calorie tracking and more in his consultations. One thing to note: on the path to a better life, we often put the biggest obstacles in our own way. Are you ready for a more positive sense of well-being and greater daily comfort?

Duration: 45 minutes Price: EUR 180.00

Comprehensive Medical Consultation: Blood sample collection followed by a discussion of the results and the development of an individualized infusion plan. Dr. Skudnigg also addresses any questions related to a conscious lifestyle and IVme's treatment therapies.

Duration: 45 minutes Price: EUR 500.00 (Includes blood sampling and analysis of all vitamin levels)

An initial consultation with IVme's Medical Director, Dr. Skudnigg, is a prerequisite for all NAD+ infusions. It includes a medical history discussion along with a body check, serving as the foundation for a personalized therapy. Possible combinations with DNA tests, infusion packages or IHHT are throughly discussed. 

Duration: 30 minutes Price: EUR 100.00

We've always suspected it: Age is just a number. Aging processes vary individually. Some people remain vital and agile for longer, while others show signs of aging earlier. The Longevity Test from NAD+ Clinic provides insights into one's biological age and reveals how well or poorly our body functions compared to our chronological age. The length of telomeres is crucial; these are located at the ends of DNA strands and protect them during cell division. Over the course of life, they shorten, leading to aging. However, a healthy lifestyle can slow down this process. Targeted DNA screenings and subsequent analyses help create precise infusion therapy plans that reduce telomere wear and slow down aging processes. The goal is to improve cell reproduction and cell health. IVme offers Longevity Tests in combination with monthly NAD+ infusions. To enable targeted tracking of biological age, these tests are conducted at the beginning, during, and at the end of a one-year therapy. It's a saliva test evaluated in our NAD+ partner laboratory.

Annual Package: EUR 1,099.00 (including three Tests)

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