Altitude Training at 6,500 Meters in the Heart of Vienna

IHHT stands for Interval Hypoxia Hyperoxia Training. With the help of the high-altitude air training device, Hypox Breath, air conditions at high altitudes are simulated in order to adapt the body to different altitude conditions and thus lead it to a more efficient oxygen balance. It alternates between intervals of low and increased oxygen levels to improve performance and endurance.

Promotion of cell regeneration with IHHT

During the course of IHHT (Interval Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Training), the body is exposed to alternating phases of reduced oxygen levels (hypoxia) and increased oxygen levels (hyperoxia). The goal is to induce adaptations in the body to varying altitude conditions, ultimately leading to improved oxygen utilization efficiency. The process promotes cell regeneration and has a positive effect on cell metabolism, breathing, wound healing, vascular tone, stress, blood pressure and physical performance.

IHHT is not only used for fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia and stress, but also if there is the desire for weight loss and promoted cell health. Oocytes also benefit from the increased energy level, which leads to improved fertility.

For an optimal therapy success, we recommend an initial consultation including a short medical history check with Doctor Skudnigg. In this way, goals and health status can be recorded and combinations with infusion therapies or other diagnostic options can be discussed. 

A single IHHT session typically lasts around 45 minutes and is conducted in a relaxed, reclined position. We initiate the session by performing an IHHT oxygen test to determine the most appropriate training regimen for you. A special oxygen mask is used, under which the oxygen content is increased and decreased at intervals. The process is comparable to an uphill and downhill climb. However, unlike hiking, it is not effort that is felt but relaxation. To enhance the relaxation experience, we kindly request that you refrain from using mobile phones. 

Pulse and oxygen content are documented and monitored during and after the training. 

In order to increase the effect of the application, regular repetitions are recommended. If you want to achieve long-term results at the cellular level, it is best to take a look at our packages and subscription models. 

Hypox Breath, our state-of-the-art IHHT training device, utilizes tried-and-tested control algorithms that have demonstrated safety in clinical tests and studies. Oxygen saturation and O2 concentration are consistently maintained within specified parameters.

In 2019, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for the groundbreaking discoveries in this methodology. Since then, the significance of hypoxia has grown substantially in both research and practical applications. 

Single Unit: €100.00
10 units: €900.00
20 units: €1.800.00

More performance through altitude training

The mitochondria are considered the fat-burning ovens and powerhouses of our cells. They are crucial for efficient energy production and oxygen utilisation in our body. If many of the mitochondria are damaged, the energy production in our cells becomes increasingly ineffective. What causes our mitochondria to become inoperative in the first place? Chronic stress, exposure to toxins and environmental toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, malnutrition, nicotine, alcohol, drugs, medicines, preservatives, chronic inflammation or diseases. With IHHT, mitochondria are stimulated particularly intensively, which leads to an increase in the number of intact mitochondria, and promotes the reproduction of new ones.

Stimulation of mitochondria through cell training

For this cell training, IHHT uses a simple yet effective technique: fluctuating oxygen levels create a unique stress and stimulus that damaged and outdated mitochondria cannot endure. This process makes room for new and healthy mitochondria. The induced oxygen deficiency also leads to progress at the genetic level. This includes enhanced blood circulation, increased red blood cell production, more efficient oxygen supply to the cells and consequently, an elevated daily energy level.

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