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Die erste Adresse für präventive Anwendungen, Anti-Aging und Medizin einer neuen Ära: Unsere Praxis im Wiener Innenstadt-Palais setzt auf moderne Well-Aging-Verfahren im exklusiven Ambiente. Wir zelebrieren Gesundheit auf allen Ebenen: Der Fokus liegt nicht lediglich auf Medizin, sondern auf der Etablierung eines bewussten Lifestyles. Das Youth Club Ärzteteam ist auf moderne Longevity Medizin spezialisiert, stets up to date und steht Patienten und Patientinnen mit Know-How und Leidenschaft zur Seite.

Awareness for preventive medicine

Dienstleistungen im medizinischen Sektor verlangen kompromisslos nach dem höchsten Maß an Professionalität. Wir setzen auf ein Top-Team aus österreichischen und deutschen Apotheker:innen, Ärzt:innen und medizinischem Fachpersonal.


Marie Huter

I spent many years abroad and visited numerous cities around the world. One thing I always missed when I returned to Vienna was, 'Where can I get my vitamin infusion?' I was convinced that this concept simply had to come to Vienna! IVme promotes awareness of prevention. My motto is: Everyone can bring out the best in themselves. With the IVme Youth Club, this vision is being realized.

My team and I provide professional expertise to support patients on their journey to better health, performance, and a more balanced self. 

Our goal? The long-term preservation of vitality, dynamism, and youthfulness. Thanks to our unique partnership with the NAD+ Clinic in Austria, we offer our patients infusions with highly effective NAD+. IVme thus becomes the ultimate destination for eternal youth. I also have a great passion for beautiful vintage jewelry; here, too, everything revolves around the preservation and care of special items.


Dr. Christoph Skudnigg

Focus: Personalised IVme Therapy plans, preventive medicine, NAD+ infusions, longevity

Dr Skudnigg always puts the preservation of the health and vitality of his patients in the foreground. In coordination with personal goals and wishes, he compiles tailor-made therapy concepts.

Patient Care Manager


Julia, our experienced and dedicated Registered Nurse, serves as a Patient Care Manager and always has your well-being in mind. With her extensive expertise in clinic management, patient care, coordination, and infusion therapies, she ensures top-notch care. Julia also supports innovative therapies and serves as valuable assistance to Dr. Skudnigg and the management.




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