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Frequently Asked

The costs depend on the desired vitamins, trace elements and minerals and the amount of liquid. IVme Youth Club offers a wide range of different IVs. Prices for a Vitamin C infusion start at €140, while our NAD+ infusion is priced at €799. We tailor all our infusions to the unique preferences and needs of our patients. Additionally, IVme Youth Club offers monthly IV packages and rates.

The duration depends on the selected infusion and the amount of IV fluid. Our Express IVs are ideal for a lunch break – about 20–30 minutes. On the other hand, our Revive Hangover infusion with a significantly larger amount of liquid lasts about 40–50 minutes. 

Yes, intravenous administration of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements can significantly enhance our overall well-being, leading to holistic benefits for the body. It improves our performance, energy levels, health profile, and functionality. When we consume vitamins orally, our body can only absorb approximately 30% of them. In contrast, with IV therapy, we can ensure a 100% absorption rate through the bloodstream, making it a highly effective way to achieve our health and wellness goals. 

IVme Concierge Service offers its patients the opportunity to order its vitamin cures at home, at the office or in the hotel – at any time – every day! Our medical staff takes care of our patients and ensures a smooth and safe process around the clock.

No, we do not perform NAD+ infusions during breastfeeding.

This is entirely individual and depends on the patient's health status, as well as their preferences, goals, and capabilities. For example, if you require an infusion to alleviate a hangover, it may be a one-time need. However, our IV regimens are often designed for repeated sessions at regular intervals to achieve the maximum desired effect. After an initial consultation, this answer can be easily determined. Our medical staff and team of doctors create personalized infusion therapies with customized cocktails and treatment plans.
For a submuscular vitamin D injection, we require a preliminary blood test to ensure the highest level of safety and to avoid overdosage. Vitamin D is one of the fat-soluble vitamins and is not administered through infusion solutions.
The infusion should not be painful at all; you only feel a small sting during access of the needle. IVme has a highly trained medical staff; here, you can lie back and relax.
Our patients do not report any side effects, and our team of doctors attaches great importance to safety. Prior to treatment, we thoroughly assess each patient's health status to proactively mitigate any potential side effects. In principle, nausea, allergic reactions, excessive sweating and sluggishness are considered possible side effects. Our team takes care of each patient in a highly professional manner in order to be able to exclude all these factors.
Yes, we offer our patients the opportunity to have a blood draw carried out in order to plan the therapy more specifically. For patients who want to better monitor their health status, blood sampling is ideal. Our team of doctors then conducts a personal discussion of the findings and compiles a treatment plan.
Yes, but you will only be refunded an amount if you have taken out additional private insurance.

Our partnership with the internationally recognized NADclinic is unique in Austria and requires the highest safety standards, medical knowledge and access to the latest scientific studies.

Yes, our treatments are recommended and carried out from the age of 18.

We focus on the highest quality in our ingredients and mixtures. Therefore, all our infusion vitamins are purchased exclusively from the Viennese pharmacy "Zum goldenen Reichsapfel" and the Munich "Viktoria" pharmacy. 

No, because IVme provides a medical service and therefore appropriate hygiene standards must be maintained.


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